Saturday, May 16, 2020

What Is Unconditional Love?

I am here to love, simply Love.
The more I love, the more I feel safe.
The more I love, the more I am happy and free.
The more I love, the more I trust myself and others, too
Love is Freedom and Trust!

Spiritual Love is freedom.
We have all have free will.
We each can do what we are called to do.
We are here to choose as we will.

Spiritual Love is trust.
We are trusted by our creator, the Universe, by Source.
We are given all body and mind, the ideas and vision to use.
We are entrusted with the power and presence to do as we are called.

We often see our creator as we see our parents.
We often believe that we are loved as our physical parents treat us.
Yet, when we feel unconditionally loved we know we are free to choose.
We know we are trusted to live life with the trust we will learn.

My worldly parents loved me, without condemnation or praise.
My physical parents allowed me to learn with freedom and trust.
They gave me to opportunities to live and learn as I was guided from within.
They set a their high example of service offering others Love with freedom and trust.

Where there is love and trust, we feel free.
Where there is love and freedom, we feel trusted.
When we feel trusted and free, we feel loved.
This love offers safety and inner peace.

When we experience this kind of love, there is no need to doubt or restrict.
When we feel safe and unconditionally loved, we offer others freedom and trust.
When we have no fear of rejection or condemnation, we feel safety and self love.
Fear is foreign and we live in peace, learning to let love lead the way.

This is Love without fear.
This is Love open to learning.
This is Love feeling safe with our choices.
This is Love offering peace to one another.

While we often learn to fear for ourselves and one another, we may let fear guide our choices.
When we let fear guide our behavior, we distrust, defend, deny and limit ourselves and others.
Learning to love is limited and we may feel cautious in trusting anyone including ourselves.
Perhaps this is time to listen to the voice and calling of Love Within.

Begin to choose gratitude for all you have and who you are.
Pay attention and show up with Love to your Healing encounters.
Speak with kindness and offer the Highest words to heal and inspire.
Love one another in every way you are guided by listening with respect.

Life is given to us to learn to Love first, last and always.
Life is our gift to learn to trust and free ourselves to teach Love. 
Love is our lesson as we let Love lead the way.
Give Love to yourself today with freedom and trust.

I am always loving you,
Betty Lue

I am loving us all.
It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.
Above all, let us simply remember to love.
Betty Lue