Thursday, May 07, 2020


I freely and fully let go.
Love is what I know.
Happiness is where I go.
I am in the flow.

Flow Is Letting Go!

Flow with what is.
Allow life to be.
Enjoy what comes.
Breathe freely.

No need to hold on.
Nothing to get, only give.
Creating is allowing.
Let your whole self live.

Nothing to do. 
Living is your doing.
Nowhere to go.
Be where you are.

Fully expressing.
Fully allowing.
Fully enjoying.
Fully creating.

Every moment is your fulfillment.
All time is now.
Every breath is your gift.
Give and you receive is all.

Be thankful.
And receive thanksgiving.
Be thoughtful.
And receive enlightenment

See the light.
Be delighted.
Focus on what is.
Rejoice in abundance.

The more you want is found in releasing the blocks.
The love you are shows up, when withholding dissolves.
You came to give as you live.
And you find the blessed and holy life.

What more will be is in letting go
Feel joy and be free.
Feel gratitude and you are whole.
Feel love when you care.

Every now, this you will know.
Love is all there is.

Loving you every now.
Betty Lue