Saturday, April 11, 2020

What Are You Doing?

I make each day the opportunity to learn and love.
I am rewarded with joy, as I live the best I know.
Life works because I do the real work.
I dedicate my life to knowing better and doing my best.

What Are You Doing with Your Life?

Your life is important.
You are integral to life itself.
Who You Are matters to all.
What you say and do are your Teachings.

What are you saying today and to whom?
What are you doing today ad for what purpose?
How are you thinking and feeling right now?
To What and To Whom have you committed your life?

We all have projects.
We all have people assignments.
We each have our own life path.
And these projects, people and paths are our purpose.

If you care, you will look for your purpose.
If you dare, you will live your highest truth.
If you wonder, you will inquire and observe.
If you don’t know, you will seek and listen.

While life appears to be a puzzle, the answers lie within you.
While others may tell you what is you to do, they do not know.
Listen, listen, listen to your own heart song and follow along.
Be open to the guidance and direction within.

When you get off course, it will be obvious to you.
Bumps and bruises, confusion and conflict, show you the mistakes.
When you are right on track, you can feel the peace within.
Ease and flow, knowing when to let go, are the obvious keys to what is whole and true for you.

Your timing is your choice.
 You will learn from mistakes as well.
When you are paying attention, clear guilt and blame.
They hide from you the lessons you can learn.

Remember you are responsible for your whole life/
When you can see it clearly, you will choose wisely.
When you forgive the need to make “wrong”, you will be grateful for it all.
When you are willing and able to respond with love, you will value every moment.

Life is our teacher and our teaching.
Life offers adventure and a place to hide.
Life gives us liberty and gets us stuck.
Life is your work in progress to use and be used.  

Enjoy each day for it shows you the way home to the Best in You.
Loving you every day, 
Betty Lue

Be Healthy!
Wash your hands and clear the fear.
Eat healthy foods: fruits and veggies. ‘
Ingest the best and forget the rest.
Trust in the natural immune system.

Be Positive!
Breathe in Love.  Breathe out Peace.
Look for what you can do, instead of what limits you.
Trust in the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff. 
Don’t worry. Be Happy!

Be Grateful!
Send “thank you” notes to those you care about.
Enjoy your family at home and friends via phone.
Appreciate your life with your loving attention.
Value yourself, your time and your resources.

Be Kind!
Be gentle with your thoughts and words.
Forgive your judgments and prejudices.
Learn from all mistakes, yours and others.
Treat yourself with respect and enjoy your life.

Be Productive!
Do what makes you happy and feel good.
Clean your home, letting go of excess stuff.
Do something to help others where needed.
Finish those projects you promised to do.

Be Creative!
Start painting, sewing, cooking or writing.
Learn a new language or new hobby.
Make your home beautiful and feel new again.
Rearrange furniture or renovate something old.

Be Happy!
Play cards or board games.
Listen to music and reminisce.
Start singing and dancing again.
Smile at yourself in the mirror.

Be Inspired!
Watch movies with positive messages.
Read books about your heroes
Listen to uplifting music.
Strengthen your faith with prayerful affirmations.

Always Loving You, 
Betty Lue

Fear and stress weaken the immune system.
Let us forgive our judgments and mistakes and choose again for a better way!