Saturday, February 01, 2020

Mess and Chaos

I claim my responsibility to make my world better.
I claim the right of all humanity to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
I know I must clear my own life of toxicity and clean up the mess I see.
I educate myself to what I must do and say to create a better world.

Mess and Chaos

When it is a mess outside, go inside.
When it is a mess inside, start cleaning.
When you start cleaning, keep going.
When you keep going, you are on purpose.

We are the garbage men, here to clean up the garbage we see and here.
We are here to translate what is right and what is wrong.
We all have a role in our own home to do what is highest and best.
A superficial cleansing will not keep the trash from coming into our lives.

Every day in every way, we leave our garbage behind.
When we swear, blame, name-call, berate and threated, we are dumping toxic debris.
We need to clean up our own misuse of our thoughts, feelings, behavior.
It is our time at home and work and in our vehicle to clean up what we think, do and say.

We cannot properly clear anything, until we clean our own mind and body.
We each have a responsibility to “vet” the ways we spend time, energy and money.
We all have the choice in how we live our lives, who we believe in and relate to.
It is for us to rely on our own conscience, inner guidance and educated thinking to choose.

We are experiencing a wake- up call.
We cannot ignore what is surfacing in our experience, both within us and outside.
If we see something is needed, it is ours to do.
When we see hurtful garbage, it is ours to clean, forgive, undo and properly dispose.

Clean up our own thoughts, feelings and behavior.
Clear up our ignorance and reliance on others to do the work.
Stop depending on those who do not know or cannot do what is proper.
Learn to respect those who act responsibly beginning with yourself.

Count on yourself to be informed.
Act with values and beliefs that inspire and support the welfare of all.
Treat your home, workplace, and every place you go as you want to be treated.
Everything we do, we must be confident protects, preserves and defends everyone’s rights.

We are currently teaching the minds of our children and future generation.
Everything we do is teaching them to live with respect, responsibility and cooperation.
The world is watching us  and how we live, speak, make decisions and interact.
We are role models in our homes and in our world.

Clean up first you own thoughtful responses.
Clear the cobwebs of fear and false beliefs.
Start with yourself and in your family.
Be awake, aware and choose what you believe within your own life.

You can make the difference you want to see.
Betty Lue