Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Choose Again

I choose for Love.
I relinquish fear and doubt.
I choose for Peace.
I forgive myself and others.

Choose Again

In 1976 I gave my life to Good, for Goodness Sake
Forty-three years ago I turned my life over to Love, for the purpose of remembering only Love.
I left behind the world of complaining and draining my life energy and chose to renew myself daily.
We can wake up everyday and choose again for what to think and feel, what to make real for ourselves.

Perhaps this is your time to change your life for the Good.
Perhaps you are ready to use this moment as you invitation.
Perhaps you need no disaster to be fully grateful for the Love in you.
Perhaps you can make a new mind and commit your heart to what is true.

Are you ready to have a new life of abundance and peace?
Are you ready to forgive fully and experience true release?
Are you open to what can be joyously true and know Blessings for you?
Are you willing to be fully present and choose what is waiting for you?

Life has many paths we can take.
There is the high road, the low road and what that meanders uphill and down.
There is the light way and the free way, the dark road where we cannot see the potholes.
We can guess which road to travel or trust in our Inner Guidance System.

When we are undistracted and on purpose, the direction is clear.
When we are texting or minding others’ business, we get lost.
When we know where we go, the way is not bumpy or slow.
When we are busy with idle (idol) thoughts, we lose our own mindfulness.

We are potentially powerful beings.
We may have learned to fear our own power.
We may have stopped our progress and waited for others.
We may have chosen to let others choose our path for us.

Choose again for what is yours to do.
Philosopher, poet, painter and artist, each has a purpose to uplift and inspire.
Chef or nutritionist, teacher or social worker, speaker or Mom, each has a way to heal and inspire.
Ask yourself, “What is my healing and helpful desire, my vision, my True and High Way to be?”

 Notice what inspires you.
Notice what you wish you could do.
Consider who you admire.
Consider what has value for you.

Your holy vision and desire is meant to lead your way to hope and happiness.
You inner calling is asking you to choose where you find value and energy.
Choose again and give it your all.
Choose again what has purpose and meaning, and you will live abundantly with what inspires you.

Life is our teaching.
Everyone is our teacher.
Everything gives us choice.
Choose wisely and well.

Thank you, my friends,
Betty Lue