Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wake Up Calls!

There is a blessing in all things.
I trust my inner guidance and respond with clarity and confidence.
I know that all things work together for good.
Life is fun, safe and easy when I listen within for spiritual guidance.

Detours and Delays, Disasters and Devastation.

Depression is energy withheld.
Depression is holding back anger.
Depression is blocked flow of life energy.
Depression is feeling shut down and/or wanting not to feel.

So how does one process and clear resentment, grief and guilt from the past?
How do we deal with chronic illness?
What happens when jobs are lost?
How do families deal with crime, addiction, abuse, death, bankruptcy and foreclosure?
How do countries deal with violence, war, drought, floods, starvation and politic takeovers?
How does our country deal with fear-based politics, bigotry, hatred and fear?

Everything unlike love is a wakeup call.
Everything that doesn’t feel right and good and true, is calling you and I to choose again.
We are in the midst of a crisis or crossroads to choose where who and how we choose to live.
We can become negative, cynical, depressed, unkind and uncaring or choose what is better.

When we hear a whisper calling us to choose something better, we can easily respond.
When we find ourselves not listening, the quiet inner request becomes louder.
When we deny or doubt the call to choose, change or commit to something else, we get a louder call.
Always with a disaster or difficulty, listen within:  How am I to respond to what is happening?

All difficulties are an obvious call for choosing something better.
When we do not respond with an open willingness to change, the voice within becomes more obvious.
Our work is to show up, pay attention and tell the highest truth. 
Find the best way to go with the flow and make choices for the Highest Good.

When experiencing detours, delays, disasters, discouragement, devastation, disease or depression…
Stop your defensiveness, projection, blame and guilt, resentment and fear.
Be quiet and listen.
Meditate, reflect and contemplate:
What am to learn?
How am I to respond?
What is the gift and blessings in this?
Where am I to go and what am I to  do?
How can I find a more positive approach?

The most efficient and effective answer will save time, energy and open the flow.
The best choice is the one which expresses what is good for all.
The high way is around all the obstacles, complaints, excuse, resistance and fears.
Be creative in experiencing positive solutions which demonstrate trust and freedom.

I trust in the power of positive prayer and affirmative thought and action.
Loving us around and through all obstacles to follow the light.
Betty Lue


A handful of people are new to receiving these daily or weekly loving reminders from me.
I send them directly to over one thousand people and many more from your referrals.
I have been writing and sending Loving Reminders for over 20 years everyday I am at my computer.
They are valuable for me to receive and share and valuable for others who receive them as reminders.

When something resonates with you, you feel its truth in your heart.
When you are reminded of what you know deep inside, you appreciate and find value.
When you are touched with inspiration, you feel grateful and can choose to practice.
This is my reason for listening within and sharing the inner guidance I receive each day.

After counseling and coaching thousands of individuals, couples and families, I know the need.
After teaching, mentoring and facilitating hundreds of people for the last 35 years, I hear the call.
After listening and letting Spirit within guide my life for most of my life, I feel the importance.
And this is my way of responding to all of us for the Highest Good and finding a better way.

These reminders are intended to be practical; they are meant to be used everyday.
These reminders are intended to be inspirational; they are meant to move you into action.
These reminders are intended to be spiritual; they are meant to call you to return to what is meaningful.
These reminders are intended to be healing; they give insight, freedom to choose/change and peace.

For many, there is limited time and money, so these reminders offer help when you have need.
For some, there is hesitation in asking for help, so these reminders are an anonymous way to learn.
For others, there is denial of needing anything, and the reminders simply reawaken what is known.
For me, these reminders are a powerful way to connect, to touch you with my love for us all.

Yes, I Love You.
I love you when you are happy or sad, right or wrong, awakening or sleeping on the job.
I love you when you don’t love yourself or forget you are loveable and capable just as you are.
I love you when you are willing to do the work and when you get lazy and quit on yourself.

I am your Loving Reminder.
We can call it a Calling or Holy Assignment or just what I am here to do.
My intention is to facilitate all of us in playing our Part and living our potential in being all we can be.
Said in a thousand ways or no way at all…your healing and success and joy are a blessing for me.

So why would I sit at my computer every morning as my spiritual practice and joy…….??
Because of all this above and so much more.
You and I are One..
More than you can know, we are connected in Love.

And always know I am with you in Love.
Betty Lue