Saturday, May 11, 2019

Are You Open and Willing?

Love is the way I walk in gratitude.
I allow everyone to find their own way.
Life works best, when I treat everything with respect.
Letting go sets me free to see what really is.


Are you open to learn?
Do you want to understand?
Are you willing to see things differently?
Is there any other way as valuable or good as yours?

Tolerance is the willingness to be open to other ways of experiencing life.
Tolerance is allowing for other thoughts, feelings, behavior and choices.
Tolerance is giving up our attachments to our own ways as the only ways.
Tolerance is trusting that each one is doing and understanding the best they know.

Life gives us multiple opportunities to release our fears and judgments.
Life shows us how stuck we get in being comfortable with what is familiar.
Life brings experiences that teach us to open our minds and hearts to more.
Life allows us to teach and learn, give and receive all the Good there is.

As a child I learned that every culture, religion and nationality had their own right way.
As an therapist I have learned that every family system and individual has their own best way.
As someone who has lived in many homes and communities, I have learned every place has its own.
Now I know without a doubt, each one of us develops our own right or best way to see and be.

It is easy for me to set aside “my way” to see and hear “your way”.
This is the way I understand and feel connected with you.
It is easy for me to open my mind and allow my self to feel your life as you know it to be.
This is the way I find love, freedom and trust for you and for everyone.

Tolerance, allowance and acceptance of our differences feels freeing to me.
Forgiving my own opinions, judgments, beliefs and attachments creates safety and trust in me.
Allowing everyone the freedom to do what they believe is best for them feels respectful and kind.
Perhaps all I need to learn is to change my mind and give others what I want to have for myself.

Arguments, violence, hurting and wars come from intolerance.
Injustice, exclusion, annihilation and persecution come from intolerance.
All the hatred, resentment, fear and separation come from lack of understanding and acceptance.
We need to learn tolerance to listen and learn, forgive and heal, love and be kind to one another.

Learn to tolerate yourself, your thoughts, feelings, behavior and choices.
Allow yourself to listen more deeply than the words or feelings.
Listen within for the real call for understanding acceptance and love.
Be willing and open to what is the heart of every matter.

Love is the answer to every question.
Trust will settle every problem now.
Forgiveness gives us everything we want.
There is nothing to do, expect Love, simply Love.

Loving you and me and everyone as the gift of Love we are.
Betty Lue