Friday, April 05, 2019

Who Is There?

All I give is a gift to myself.
I show compassion, kindness and helpfulness to others.
I see the Good in everyone.
I touch everyone’s life with my thoughts, words and deeds.

Who Is There for You?

Who is there for you when you have doubt?
Who is there for you when you are afraid?
Who is there for you when you want help?
Who is there for you?

Have you always been on your own?
Have you never felt secure and safe?
Have you tried to find a pillar of strength?
Do you seek someone to rely on?

When raised in a safe family or community, we trust.
When we grow up always have someone to rely on,
When we know our parents or grandparents will be there,
We can relax and rest in their love, protection and guidance.

What does the child do who has no one, consistent, clear and certain?
What does the adult do who has no secure place or person to trust?
What does the elder do who is alone and without friends or family?
How do we create inner peace, safety and guidance alone?

We have crisis lines, shelters, volunteer centers, hospice and more.
We have foster homes, safe houses, and under bridges and on the streets.
We have boarding houses, hospitals, nursing homes and houses.
But is anyone home to really be there for those who are alone and afraid?

What can I do?
What can you do?
What can we do?
We want to give ourselves and others a safe place to relay on.

Some depend on one another, social services and communities to take care of us.
Some depend on their church family, family of origin, partners and friends.
Some depend on the TV, their pets, what they read and how they pray.
There are many who depend on anyone to love them and keep them safe everyday.

I can encourage my heart to be open to smile, listen and be there.
I can encourage our systems to be more courteous, humane and understanding.
I can encourage the media to share storied of kindness and generosity and trust.
I can encourage our churches to give to everyone, not just those who believe as they do.

We are in a time of great choices that will effect the coming generations and civilization.
We can give voice to what we believe is right and true and best for everyone, not just some.
We can contribute to the tired, the bereft, the homeless, the lost and confused.
We can give to others what we would want, if we were scared and alone.

Loving us as we contribute to the Greater Good! 
Betty Lue