Monday, April 01, 2019


I am willing and able to be responsible for my life.
I take impeccable care of my whole self to be fully able.
I choose to always respond with the Love I Am to all situations.
I teach others to be response-able by giving them the freedom to do so.

Are You Willing and Able to Be Responsible?

To be responsible means we are able and willing to respond with what is needed.
To be response-able is to be willing and able to respond with love.
When we are responsible for ourselves, we respond to our own needs in a positive and kind way.
When we take on responsibility for others, we claim we are able to respond to others the same.

Responsibility need not be a burden but a privilege to take the best care of ourselves and others.
Responsibility can be a powerful opportunity to give our very best in all circumstances.
Responsibility is what it means to be an adult who is mature and conscientious.
Responsibility goes along with the freedom to choose what is best for us and for others.

Some people are responsible as young children and thrive in their responsibilities.
They become thoughtful and wise, strong and capable, creative and helpful to all.
Some people are not allowed to be responsible as young children and become negligent in responsibilities.
They become thoughtless and selfish, weak and irresponsible, dependent and fearful.

When children are given responsibilities at appropriate times, they become happy and peaceful.
When children are denied responsibilities, they often feel depressed, angry and negligent.
Children like to be pleased with themselves and their choices and activities and so do adults.
When they are blamed, criticized, pushed and punished, they may become resistant and feel incapable.

We can find freedom in our lives when we are responsible.
We can make wise choices with enough experience to learn from.
We can step up with trust in ourselves when encouraged to try new experiences.
We can enjoy become a responsible adult when we grow with natural mistakes and successes.

First, we must become responsible for ourselves and our daily activities.
Learn to take care of our own basic needs for healthy eating, clean homes, active self supporting lives.
Do you take impeccable care of your physical health?
This is learned in infancy when we are taught to sleep and eat and play in healthy ways daily.

Do you take responsibility for your mental and emotional health?
Do you read, watch and spend time learning everyday?
Do you enjoy the company of others whom you can play, work and learn from?
Are you able to be helpful and kind to those you encounter on a daily basis?

Do you have a sense of humor and know how to have fun?
Can you laugh at yourself and easily forgive your mistakes?
Do you quickly and easily let go of self criticism, embarrassment and misunderstandings?
Everything in life is a safe opportunity to learn to be responsible for your own happiness.

Learn to focus first on being responsible for your own health, happiness and success.
Choose to learn from everything and everyone.
Be willing to give yourself freedom without blame or guilt.
Trust that Being Responsible is Fun, Safe and Easy!!

I trust you and free you to do and be as you are called to learn, heal and contribute.
Blessings abide with us all.
Betty Lue