Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mature Adult Behavior

I think, speak and act with respect and consideration for everyone.
I treat others as I want to be treated.
I live my life with respect, responsibility and cooperation with others.
I forgive all immature, emotionally reactive behavior.

Are You a Mature Adult?

Are you behaving like a mature person?
Are you able to control your emotions?
Do you respond with respect and kindness?
Are you listening to what others are really saying?

If you are the conscious adult, you will behave like a mature adult.
If you are aware of where others are coming from, you will be responsive to their needs.
If you realize that reading this email is a sign of maturity, you will away from childish behavior.
Ir you recognize you are the source of Love in your relationship, you will remember to give Love.

Mature adults do not behave like children or critical parents.
Mature adults speak and act in ways that create adult responses.
Mature adults are respectful and considerate, compassionate and kind.
Mature adults seek creative solutions and offer responsible responses.

If you are a conscious adult, you will not think, talk or behave in childish ways.
If you are a mature adult, you will respond with love to those lacking in love.
If you are a conscious adult, you will give your best to everyone, beginning with yourself.
If you are a mature adult, you will remember to clear the fear and judgments with forgiveness.

If you are awake and aware, you will step away from useless arguments and fighting.
If you are respectful and responsible, you will see solutions in which no one loses.
If you are caring and compassionate, you will take time to listen and learn what is truly helpful.
If you are giving what you want to have, you will see the needs and fill them in yourself and others.

Crying, complaining, and criticizing are camouflage for what is your responsibility.
When you see a need in yourself and others, it is yours to fill.
When you feel a lack in yourself and others, it is yours to clear the limiting emotional patters.
When you hear a call for love, it is yours to find the Love in you to awaken the Love in others.

We are here to erase what calls us to be as a child, needy and dependent.
When we are waiting for someone else to do it for us, we have forgotten who we Are.
When we are blaming someone else for what is missing, we have neglected to take responsibility.
When we are allowing us to be hurt, scared and alone, we must remember what is our choosing.

We are responsible and capable.We are good enough.
We are smart enough.
And besides people like us!!

It is time for us to grow up and take responsibility for the entirety of our lives.
No more whining, blaming and feeling sorry for ourselves.
Cleaning up the past is easy if we begin now without blaming anyone.
Start new each day with Being Clear, Certain, Consistent and Sincere.

Love being capable and responsible.
It works!
Betty Lue