Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Let Go!

I let go with honorable closure.
I release pettiness and let Love lead my life.
I say “good-bye” (“God be with Ye”) as I move on.
I free myself and others to trust ourselves to choose.

Have you said  “Good Bye”?

Have you hung on too long?
Have you been willing to let go?
Are you ready to surrender  and give up?
Are you willing to allow the end to come?

Some stay too long.
Hanging on hurts and builds resentment.
Clinging to what was, limits what is to be.
Set yourself free to see what really can be yours.

he flow of life and health and happiness changes naturally.
When we long for feelings that we had, we may feel mad.
Wishing for what was may make us crazy and desperate.
Stay with what is right now and see if it still fits for you.

Be honest with yourself.
What is best for you is best for others.
You cannot turn the tide.
But you can take precaution when the tide turns.

Be awake and aware.
Be real and see what is true.
Do not pretend and close your eyes,
Be willing to take positive action.

Some leave too soon.
Leaving early may cause regret and sorrow.
All things change form.
Nothing stays the same.

Look again at what you have committed to.
Some relationships are forever.
Some are temporary .
Relationships help us discern what we really want.

We each deserve what is right and true for us.
When we have paid a debt, we can move on.
When we have healed our wounds, we cam let go.
When we have taught and learned, we graduate.

Listen within to see what is true.
Clean up after yourself to the finish.
Leave no one hurting or lost in your leaving.
Make honorable closure in all relationships.

Life calls us to be respectful and responsible in all things.
Loving us all to allow the flow of trust and freedom in all things.
Betty Lue