Friday, January 25, 2019

Love……No Matter What

Love is my natural state.
I am blessed by loving.
Love works for me.
I release all blocks to Love.

Love……No Matter What

Our personality EGO gives love to “get” love.
Our Essential Spirit gives Love for the sake of Loving
Love is our natural state.
Love is the way we live with forgiveness and faith.

When we are self-forgiving, the love within us is apparent.
When we love ourselves, the wellspring of love is overflowing.
When we allow ourselves to be the Love we are, we naturally extend Loving kindness to all.
When we are innocent and unconditional in our loving, we seek nothing in return.

Love flows when we are not blocked or withholding.
Love goes wherever there is a lack of love.
Love seeks to express itself with our thoughts, words and deeds.

Where there is lack of self-love, there may be grief and depression, guilt and fear, regret and shame.
Where there is lack of forgiveness, there may be anger and resentment, blame and demands.
When there is lack there may be neediness, dependency and attachment to getting Love and approval.
We may need to heal hurtful thoughts, words and deeds as well as past history.

True forgiveness heals.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
Forgiveness seeks to clear the past and present misperceptions.
Forgiveness opens the way to see all things differently with new perspectives.

As we heal from within, our reservoir of love is filled.
As we heal our minds, we see the love and call for love everywhere.
As we heal our emotions, we feel the abundant joy of love within us.
As we heal our bodies, we are filled with the power and peace of Love in all we are and do.

There is no lack when we allow love to flow without blocks or withholds.
There is only abundant good that comes from sharing our Love with others.
There is no forcing or insistence, no need or expectation.
We flow Love naturally.

Love is our natural state, given with the innocence of a child, filled with joy and delight.
Betty Lue