Saturday, December 22, 2018

You Are the One!

Love is freedom and trust.
I free you and me to see things differently.
I trust us each to have our own purpose, practice and process.
I no longer need conformity to experience harmony.
Life works when I am open, willing and allowing.
(Our Personal Holiday Letter below!)

Are You Willing to Be The One?

Are you willing to extend only peace?
Are you willing to appreciate what you have?
Are you willing to trust “It will work our all right”?
Are You willing to do the work?

Are you willing to honor your calling?
Are you willing to live your purpose?
Are you willing to follow your heart?
Are you willing to be true to yourself?

Are you willing to be happy?
Are you willing to forgive and love again?
Are you willing to always choose for the Highest Good?
Are you willing to seek the most beneficial path for greater peace and harmony?

Many conform to the crowd.
So many simply want to survive.
So many hide behind others.
So many just try to get by.

It takes confidence to be extraordinary.
It requires courage to stand up for your self.
It requires strength of conviction to be true to your own values.
We can step away from negativity and choose to believe in our special place.

What will it be for you today?
Stop fighting or arguing.
State your opinion once and then listen to others.
Learn to respect all differences, including your own.

Stop trying to get others’ approval and agreement.
Clarify what is true for you and then live it.
Accept and allow each one the same freedom you want.
Respect others for following their own path of learning.

Live in integrity with your beliefs.
Find your own mission, purpose and values.
Honor what is true for you.
Stop interfering in others’ path.

Listen within and choose what is highest and best for you.
Respect your way for you, but let go of choosing for others.
Tell your truth without needing agreement.
Trust that each one is honoring their own choices.

Respect means to allow everyone to have their own mission, purpose, values and beliefs.
I trust each person to choose what is best for themselves.
I honor my own choices and will not interfere with others.
I love you by trusting your path and freeing you to be true to You.
Betty Lue


This is a time for enjoying friends and family, giving where we are called, appreciating one another and ending the year with gratitude and inspiration for the New Year—remembering Spirit above all things!

Life keeps us happy and busy with 8 grandkids to enjoy, listen to and learn from with Love.  Alameda, Novato, Petaluma, Portland and Arizona. Ages 5-20. We learn from everyone—especially children.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and motivate all to live life to our highest potential. We serve our three Reunion holistic counseling centers in Middletown, Pleasant Hill and Brentwood.
Betty Lue offers counseling in Middletown Monday thru Friday in Lake County. We drive down to Contra Costa County to serve in Brentwood on Saturdays and Pleasant Hill on Sundays.
Robert is still offering Life Purpose Readings as well as financial and holistic health consultations.
 We are happy and busy teaching and learning, inspiring and serving every day.

We have taken two sabbaticals this year to our timeshare in Kona, Hawaii—May and November. A time of quiet retreat, reading, writing, relaxing and spending time renewing bodies and minds.

Summers are filled with grandkids spending time with us and at a nearby ranch every day. Smoke from the California wildfires kept us inside more this year, as we continued sending positive prayer.

Dealing with body calls for attention has taught me to allow the natural need for repair of an aging vehicle. “Bodies do what bodies do”, says Robert.   My inner guidance assured me that, just as our flat tire needed someone to remove the screw, so my body needed what was “screwy” to be removed and restored to new. I am reminded to “Trust in the Goodness Within All Things, knowing that Only Love is Real and Forever.”

We are wishing you an experience of gratitude and peace during these holidays. As we end 2018, let us focus on what we value, all we have learned and how we have loved. Let’s remember to include ourselves in the love we share with others. Remember, everything we think, say and do teaches the world. We can create a better world by the way we live our lives.

Life is abundant with Love for Robert and I. We celebrate by living a simple life of service and gratitude. Thank you for the gift of your presence in our lives.

We send our love to all, for everyone is blessed and benefitted by Love now and always.

Betty Lue and Robert