Thursday, December 27, 2018

Renew Your Spirit!

I forgive myself for denying myself and others.
I am alive alert and enthusiastic.
Everyday I awaken with wonder about what I will learn.
I love my life and my life loves me.
I freely choose what is highest and best for me.

Renew Your Spirit!

What do you do to renew your Spirit?
What do you do to inspire yourself?
What do you do to feel enthusiasm?
What do you do to be happy every day?

Your life energy is your responsibility.
Only you know how and when to fill your tank.
Only you can make the choices which benefit you.
Only you can assess and address what inspires you.

You have a life and it is yours to use well.
You have a mind and it is yours to inspire.
You have a body and it is yours to keep fit and energized.
You have emotions and they are yours to make happy.

This is your job to explore, observe and choose what works.
Nature, meditation, recreation, creativity, inspiration, contribution may work.
Exercise, competition, achievement, education, empowerment, building may work.
Relationship, intimacy, connection, partnership, healing, listening, quiet may work.

Music and art, writing and design, varying forms of creating beauty inspire and renew.
Finding someone to love and be loved, creating a family and connection may inspire and renew.
Healing and service, caring and helping, making people happy may inspire and renew.
Introspection and contemplation, wisdom and knowledge, prayer and meditation may inspire and renew.

Do you know what works for you?
Hunting and fishing, hiking and outdoor adventures, camping and rock climbing may inspire and renew.
Building a home, planting a garden, restoring antiques, making old things new may inspire and renew.
Creating a party, planning a wedding, rearranging your living room may inspire and renew.

May these ideas begin to inspire you to renew your Spirit.
May you research the various ways you have chosen to give yourself respite and rest.
May you look at the high points or moments in life when you felt most alive and aware.
May you see what fills your mind with appreciation and makes your heart sing.

Each one of us needs to have new beginnings and moments of sheer delight.
Each one of us must find our own way to gratitude and praise, feeling delighted to be alive.
Each one of us deserves to feel joyful and at home, safe and trusting, free and happy just to be.
Everyone can find our own way to renew our spirit and be alive again with love in our hearts.

Our gift to one another is to free ourselves to live with Spirit.
When we give ourselves regular renew and daily inspirations, we will encourage others to do the same.
When we deny ourselves what is needed, we deplete ourselves and often become resentful and negative.
Let us forgive ways we have depleted and denied ourselves and freely give to ourselves and others what inspires, delights and enlivens us to live on purpose and in love.

Loving one and all,
Betty Lue