Sunday, December 09, 2018


Life is forgiving and we are the gifts.
I give only Goodness and Good returns to me.
I naturally share the Essence of my Love and Joy.
I now receive and give all Good and Only Good.

Giving Abundantly Yields Abundance!

This is the month of giving.
What you give you will receive.
Give with joy, you will receive the joy of giving.
Give with resentment, you will receive the experience of resentment.

When we give freely, we experience the freedom of giving.
When we give nothing, we receive the nothing we have given.
When we give our irritation, we experience more irritation.
When we give our gratitude, we know gratitude for our giving.

Take time to give abundantly with your love and gratitude.
Remember to be grateful to the receiver for receiving your gifts.
Take time to cherish the moments in which you are privileged to give and receive.
Watch to see the happiness you give is increased in the giving.

These Loving Reminders are a gift to me and you.
Everything I think and say and do is a gift to me and you.
We are each and all gifts to one another.
It is in our giving that we recognize the gift we are.

When we share our fear, we are giving our fear to others.
When we share our disappointment, we are giving our disappointment to others.
When we share our gratitude and forgiveness, we have given gratitude and forgiveness.
What we give, we receive.

It takes so little to be positive.
It requires consciousness to choose to give our best.
It asks that we pay attention to give what we want to receive.
Life gives us immediate feedback on what we have given and what is received.

We can change our minds.
We can choose again.
We can give our best.
We can delete the rest.

The opportunity to give is endless.
What we say and share can be a healing gift.
What we do and how we behave can be a miracle of love.
What we imagine, affirm and pray can give joy for a lifetime.

Consider giving abundantly only and always the highest and best you know.
Life is for giving and you are the gift.
Giving only Love,
Betty Lue