Sunday, December 16, 2018

Darkness or Light?

I give and receive all good and only good.
Life works because I give what is good for all.
I trust the Love and Light within me.
I know my best is best for others

Be Positive!

Do you see what is true in darkness or in Light?
Do you trust the way in fear or in love?
Do you choose what is best in desperation or in hope?
Do you see more asleep or awake?

Everyone must be clear how they choose to live.
Each one will be caught in the world of duality.
All of us have choices in our lives everyday.
When we are aware of which way works, we will choose what works for us.

The world tempts us to live in the dark.
Life may trick us when we are not looking.
Our minds may deceive us when closed or asleep.
Our learning may have taught us to be afraid and depressed.

This is the time of the dawning of light.
In the greatest dark, the light may appear too bright.
We may get caught in the temptation of it all.
When being still and listening within is our call.

Take time to stop and look around you.
Feel the choices waiting for you.
Honor the difference between fear and love.
Choose the positive path of peace.

There is a way to sit in the quiet.
There is a certainty of light from within.
There is a gift of receiving only Good.
What is Highest and best serves everyone..

How can it be, a way no one loses?
What can we say to bring Goodness to all
How can we share what awakens inspiration?
Who do we tell Just follow your call?

What is best for you is best for others.
How can it be others will be blessed when you have your best?
No sacrifice or martyrdom in choosing what is right and true.
Each one will be inspired to have their best too.

Choosing all Good and only Good.
Live the enlightened path within.
Honor where your heart is in all choices.
Give gratitude everyday in every way.

Loving you,
Betty Lue