Saturday, November 17, 2018

Choosing for Myself

I let go of copycat behavior and make my own choices.
I trust the choices I make.
I listen within and choose what is right and true for me.
I live in integrity with what I believe and know is Good.

Are We Copying or Creating?

Are we reliving the past or creating our future?
Do we really understand where all this comes from?
Are we victims of what has been or creators of what will be?
Do we choose our lives as they are or repeat the past endlessly?

Experiment and explore if you like.
See what your life is made of.
Try out continuing the same habits.
Discover what happens when you change your mind.

It is easy to follow others.
It seems right to go along to get along.
It feels comfortable to do what is familiar.
It may seem sensible to believe what authorities tell us.

Perhaps we continue to create what has been because we believe it will be.
Perhaps we continue to do what we have done believing it is going to be.
Perhaps we continue to experience what we have known, trusting it will always be.
Perhaps we are simply recreating the same thing over and over as our believed identity.

Often life is recreated and re-experienced over and over because we believe it into being.
Erasing the past with forgiveness is one way to release ourselves into new creation.
Removing familiar beliefs and behaviors will release our minds to see things differently.
Letting go of stories about what seems to have always been true opens minds to affirm something new.

What others believe about us may seem to stick because it is judged.
What others say about life may seem to manifest, because it is believed.
What others experience may be re-experienced as diagnosed, because we agree it is so.
What we name and claim to be true will be identified as so and so it is.

Is it not time to disavow what others say and choose your own way?
Is it not time to choose the identity you would have for sake of your whole self?
Is it now time to stop telling the say old story and making excuses to set your self free?
Is it not time to change your physiology and psychology to allow your real self to be?

We can create a new beginning in mind and body and relationship simply by choice.
We can experience renewed energy and vitality and personality because we choose differently.
We can let go of belonging and familiarity and set our life free to be whatever we choose to be.
We can forgive the past and choose our future as we envision, create, affirm and desire it to be.

So what will it be for you today and tomorrow
Are you going to find your own right way?
Are you willing to set yourself free each day?
Today is the first day of your life, they say!!

I love each one of us, unique as we are.
Betty Lue