Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I choose Love as the Power in my life.
I have faith in the Confidence I give my Self.
I trust in the family of humanity that lives in Love with me.
I am certain I am here on Purpose to bring the Good in me.

Reassure Your Self!

Look for trust.
Find your faith.
Seek what you can embrace.
Your certainty is your assurance.

Can you believe in Love?
Can you trust your word?
Can you live with confidence?
Do you have faith your voice is heard?

When we doubt, we let in fear.
When we suspect, envy will appear.
When we limit, we find lack.
When we deny, we cannot see the facts.

It is ours to clear the doubts and fears.
It is ours to stop restricting and suspecting.
It is important to see our abundance and give thanks.
It is essential we receive all goodness and notice what is real.

When we listen to the doubters, we become doubtful.
When we believe in the haters, we begin to hate.
When we live with the fear mongers, we may trust in fear.
When we compile scary information, we begin to lose our trust.

What can you do to reassure yourself?
How can you find your faith?
What opens your mind to higher vision and truth?
How can you leave fear and doubt behind?

Listen to your heart.
Find faith in your prayer.
Give gratitude for good and watch it grow.
Seek love and hope and goodness everywhere.

Live with faith in Who You Are.
Honor to Goodness with all You do.
Give all you have and all you are to be certain Love is true.
Enjoy and appreciate the Love that comes through You.

Trust in Love.
Believe in Goodness.
Value the Gift You are.
Enjoy the Journey of  Fully Living.

I trust in Love and all the Good we do.
I believe in the power for caring and sharing.
I know with Love in us together there is nothing we cannot do.
I have faith everything will work our all right.

I Love You!
Betty Lue