Thursday, November 08, 2018

Be Selective!

I am selective in what is best for me.
I honor myself in what I imagine, speak and see.
I know what is good and true for me to think and feel and do.
I respect everyone in choosing what is highest and best for them.

Are You Selective?

Do you choose what you want to see?
Do you change the channel easily?
Are you selective about what you want to hear?
Do you turn down the volume or leave the room?

The curious often watch and listen to everything.
Children are naturally open to what is in plain sight and sound.
All are programmed and imprinted by what we see and hear.
We become like that which we become accustomed to.

Take time to remove toxic material from your environment.
Let go of what is not healthy for you or your children.
Our minds are open to what is around us.
We must undo what we is not good for us.

Selective perception is choosing to see what is inspiring and beneficial.
Selective remembering is choosing to remember what is healthy and positive .
Being selective means we are conscious of what we ingest in our minds.
When we honor ourselves, we take the time to choose what we can use for our Good.

Our children often see too much that is harmful.
Our inner child is often programmed to be afraid or get sick.
Our natural Self will learn to be negative, unhappy and frightened.
Our innate Self is innocent, trusting and open to unlimited possibility for Good.

To allow toxic experiences to pollute us is as much a crime as environmental toxins to our bodies.
We must clear our emotional, mental and spiritual field.
We must undo the harmful programming and pollution.
We must be aware that what we take in with out senses can frighten, sicken and confuse us.

Ingest the best and forget the rest.
Take in the best for you and forgive the rest.
Undo what is not good for you.
Be awake and aware of what you eat and drink, listen to and watch, imagine and envision.

All our senses can be open to what is healthy and true, helpful and inspiring.
All of our time can be devoted to what encourages and motivates, enjoys and celebrates.
We can choose and refuse whatever is right and wrong, good and bad for us.
It is our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Honor yourself with the best for you.
Give yourself what is right for you.
Relinquish your need to conform to others.
Trust yourself to know and respect your truth.

Loving you and all for selecting what is right and good for you.
Betty Lue