Monday, November 26, 2018

Allow Your True Self To Be!

I let go of limitation and judgments I have laid upon myself.
I value who I really am.
I trust myself to be and speak and live what inspires me.
I am free to be no matter what others may think of me.

Are You Allowing Your Self To Be?

Are you letting your Self be happy?
Are you seeing your Self as whole?
Are you forgiving your Self for limiting your Self?
Are you willing to fully and freely be Who You Are?

When we are having fun, feeling safe and flowing with what is, we are being our Self!
When we are relinquishing our seriousness and feeling open and willing, we are remembering.
When we are undoing our fear and really being here, we are touching the present moment.
When we are joining with what is with no lack or comparison, we are feeling at home.

Our lives are gifts to us.
When we fully unwrap our gift, we see our authentic Self.
When we freely disclose our Self to one another, we reveal the Essence,
When we are willing to Be All We Are, we realize our Magnificence.

This Authentic Self has been called many names.
We have judged our safety in being Great.
We have feared our exposure to be Love.
We have misunderstand the Source of this Gift.

We have been given a gift of unmeasureable Price.
Yet, we deny our own Value.
We have been bestowed the Greatest Give of Love.
Yet, we have withheld this Love from ourselves and others.

How can it be that we fear our own Worth?
Why would we want to hold back on our Treasure?
How can we not share what has been given?
Why wait for Trust and Freedom to let it all Show?

First receive the Gift of the One We Are.
Accept and appreciate the Joy of receiving.
This Pearl of Self has taken years of refining to shine.
We are here to open up and show the Beauty that lies within.

We are here to show up and pay attention.
We are here to see and share who We Are.
We are here to allow and accept our Beauty.
We are here to realize What We Have Been Given.

Our Whole Life is for Giving.
We are the Gift here to Be received by us.
We are here to share the Gift of Self
We recognize the Gift We Are when we freely Give this Gift.

In our giving the world is blessed.
In our sharing the world is prospered.
In our Self Revelation, we can see Who We are Here to Be.
In our Recognition of Self, we recognize the Gift in Every One.

“Peek A Boo”!
I see you!
I recognize You!
You are Love!
Betty Lue

Are you practicing the art of allowing yourself to be in sync with who-you-really-are; the art of allowing yourself to be the true extension of Source Energy? That is who you were born to be.