Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Living Well with Children

I speak with respect and kindness to everyone, young and old.
I honor children as I honor myself.
My example is my best teaching.
I pay attention, show up and speak the highest truth I know.

Secrets of Living with Children  (of all ages)

Do you understand what it means to be there as “a parent”?
Do you get what it feels like to be a child?
Are you even vaguely aware of what this world seems to be?
Do you listen to what children say and want you to know?

When you come into a new place, you want to feel safe and secure.
You want to know the rules or limits so you can fit in and feel cared for.
You want to feel able to express yourself and what you need.
You want to know there will be food, a bed and bathroom and someone to be there for us.

This is true for young and old, rich and poor, informed and uninformed.
All of us have a need for the basics to develop in a healthy way.
Yet, we neglect and deny many of these to our children and youth and elders.
Stop and recognize what you need when you are in a new environment.

Let’s give our infants, toddlers, children and youth the basics.
Access to healthy food and clean water when they are hungry.
Safe place to rest and sleep in quiet.
Water & bathroom to stay clean and dry.

Children need attention and someone to listen to them.
They need opportunities to explore and experiment.
They need ways to be creative without judgment.
They need places to be quiet and noisy, active and passive.

Why do we forget to give them what we want?
Why do we so often treat kids like pets instead of people?
Why have we relegated children and elders to second class?
It is time we treat them like guests, customers and invest our best.

When we talk with our children, they talk with us.
When we tell or demand of our children, they talk back and demand of their adults.
When we listen to and honor their request, they listen and honor our requests.
They seek to be treated with respect, trust and appreciation, just like we do.

Set simple basic rules of etiquette for all members of your household.
These are mine. Choose your own.
1) Yelling & rough housing belong outside.
2) Everyone cleans up after themselves in all common areas.
3) No hurting of self, others or the space.
4) Everyone helps.

What if we all simply “Treat others as we want to be treated.”

Love works for everyone.
Betty Lue