Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Happy Families!

I treat all with respect, kindness and love.
I demonstrate peace, harmony, and helpfulness in my home.
I give what I have and experience gratitude in receiving what is given.
All I give is a gift to me.

Healthy Happy Families!

Yes, you can have a happy and healthy family.
It starts with the parents, grandparents, and/or caregivers.
Children copy the adults.
Adults learn parenting from their parents.

It only requires one person to begin a new trend.
That person will be the one who reads this newsletter.
Whether young or old, rich or poor educated or not, everyone can begin a new way of relating.
People copy their own family of origin and think it is normal!!

Is there yelling in your home?
Are people threatening, demanding and rude?
Do people neglect to listen when anyone is talking?
Is there physical violence toward people, pets or things?
Do people eat together around a table?
Do family members talk with each other?
Does everyone naturally say Please and Thank you?
Does everyone share in the everyday chores?
Do people feel needed and important?
Are there shared activities and having fun?
Do family members feel valued and appreciated?
Are people encouraged to ask rather than complain?
Is there respect, responsibility and cooperation in the home?

Keys to Successful Family Partnership
When all share a common goal, they join together and participate in decisions and work.
When family members are honest with one another with no secrecy, guilt or blame, they feel safe.
When everyone helps out to the best of their ability, everyone wins and feels valued.
When all are committed to the common welfare, the family unity creates success.
When each person takes full responsibility for their part, they can easily forgive any upset.

When one person in the family begins to respect themselves and others, everyone wakes up.
When one person treats everyone as they want to be treated, everyone learn how to do the same.
When one person is truly helpful to everyone without expecting anything, others begin to help.
When one person uses respectful language and responsible behavior, people start to cooperate.

If you are the One, it is time for you to challenge yourself to begin.
You need no agreement to do the right and helpful thing no matter what.
You can calm yourself and bring peace and happiness to others.
You can love, respect and trust yourself to do what is good for all.
Loving you,
Betty Lue