Thursday, October 25, 2018

Enjoy Life!

Life is my playground for learning, creating and enjoying.
I live with enthusiasm and appreciation.
I release negativity and choose to be optimistic
I am here to enjoy who I am, what I do and all I have.

Simply Enjoy Life!

Do you know what happens when you are enjoying your life?
Can you feel how your mind opens to possibilities with Joy?
Do you understand the physiology of smiling and enjoyment?
Are you aware that you can change your whole life with being happy?

Happiness heals.
True Joy offers Peace.
Purely feeling enjoyment bring release of stress.
When we are enjoying, we are in a state of Love.

Find Happiness in simple things.
Choose to be happy.
Give yourself time to fully enjoy.
Breathe deep and be glad to be alive to really enjoy life.

The tiny moments count.
Watch the sun rise.
Give thanks regularly.
See the beauty all around you.

Watch the spring birds.
See the leaves burst out on the trees.
Enjoy the flowers and their amazing color.
Plant some vegetables.

Say “I love you” often and with meaning.
Remind yourself: “This is a Good Day.”
Notice when something touches your heart.
Be aware of all the Good you do.

See your home as your sacred place.
Treat others as your brothers & Sisters.
Take care of what you have and use it for Good.
Acknowledge that all work is worthy of your best.

Recognize your self with respect and kindness.
Know what you give is Good for you and others.
Speak and behave with dignity and maturity.
Play as an innocent child with wonder and delight.

Relinquish hurtful thoughts, words and behaviors.
Undo unhealthy habits and addictions.
Give only and always your best to everyone.
Forgive and erase what is not whole and Good.

When you enjoy your life, you bring Joy to us all….especially yourself.
Loving You,
Betty Lue