Saturday, August 25, 2018

Welcome Love!

I release my fear of love and being loved.
Loving and being loved is safe, fun and easy.
I now recognize and clear all blocks to giving and receiving Love.
Love opens the way to inner peace, happiness, health and prosperity. 

Welcome Love in Your Life!

Love is about enjoying life.
Love is not about buying things to enjoy.

Love is about sharing the Happiness in you.
Love is not about finding someone to make you happy.

Love is about creating beauty around you.
Love is not about getting someone to value your beauty!

Love is about remembering everyone is worth of love.
Love is not about finding the one who attracts you.

Love is about contributing the best you have.
Love is not about getting better and better stuff.

Love is about waking up each day glad to be alive.
Love is not about hoping everything goes OK today.

Love is about giving thanks for the chance to give what you receive.
Love is not about seeing what you get before you share anything.

Love is about using your time, money and resources for good purposes.
Love is not about depleting your time and money for worldly stuff.

Love is about realizing today is the best day of your life.
Love is not about hoping you will have a good. day

Love is about making a difference in the life of all you encounter.
Love is not about trying to get someone to make your day special.

Love is about going to sleep each night feeling happy, fulfilled and in love.
Love is not about dragging your self to bed exhausted, fearful and wishing you had more.

Love is about recognizing you are changing your world one person at a time.
Love is not about wondering if you will ever have someone special in your life.

Love is about sharing a smile, an appreciation, a gift, a creation, an affirmation with love.
Love is not about sharing your pain, displeasure, neediness and negativity to create connection.

Love is about always giving, sharing, caring and do what is fair for one and all.
Love is not about getting, needing, resisting, avoiding or withholding from anyone.

You see Love is natural to those who trust.
Love is the Gift we bring to those who are afraid.
Love is the Chance we have to awaken the sleeping.
Love is the Choice we make when we decide to enjoy life.
Love is the Hope that transforms the lives of the discouraged.
Love is the Trust we have in the unlimited supply.
Love is the Faith there is good always in loving.
Love is Reliance on the Power of Love within.

Let’s Awaken to the Love We Are.
Loving You always,
Betty Lue