Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Get Real!

I live my life effectively and successfully.
I trust I am where I need to be doing what is mine to do.
My relationships are harmonious, my work is fulfilling and I love myself well.
I live my life and learn with wisdom, ease and grace.

Let’s Get Real!

If you have a problem, deal with it.
If you have a pain, handle it.
If you have a conflict, clear it.
If you have a need, fill it.
If you have a question, ask it.
If you want an answer, listen to it.

If you have something taking your time and attention……
Deal with it thoroughly, until it is resolved.

Peace may be the answer.
Love may be the answer.
Faith may be the answer.
Giving may be the answer.
Persistence may be the answer.
Information may be the answer.
Listening within may be the answer.
Changing your attitude may be the answer.
Resting and surrender may be the answer.
Your answer is yours alone!

To quit is to give up on yourself.
To complain drains your energy.
To suffer is not right or fair for you.
To resent makes it linger and get worse.
To feel guilty gets you stuck.
To feel self pity makes you feel lonely and hopeless.

Do something or find someone who will happily do it for you.
Do not quit until you get what you really want.
Ask clearly and stop being so picky that you resent what you get.
Appreciate the answers that come and ask more specifically if you want more.

Life is a search and rescue mission.
You are searching for what you think you have lost.
You are rescuing what you sent on a wild goose chase,
You feel sad when you lose it and ecstatic when you find it.

Life is a get-out-of-bed and go-to-school assignment.
First you have to wakeup, like it or not, and then you need to learn something.
The longer you malinger and play dumb, the longer you stay stuck in the same grade.
Graduation comes when you “GET IT!”

We are responsible for solving our problems.
We are responsible for cleaning up our misses.
We are responsible for healing our relationships glitches.
We are responsible for handling our affairs.

Our life, however we see it, is ours to live, learn, laugh and let go.
The process is the process.
The joy or misery is ours to choose.
Consider being open and willing, grateful and happy.

Loving us,
Betty Lue