Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I forgive myself for hurting others with my judgments.
I forgive myself for letting anyone or anything harm me.
I forgive myself for withholding the Love I Am.
I forgive myself for forgetting to forgive it all

Forgiveness Works!

Forgiveness is a magic eraser.
Forgiveness cleans away the past.
Forgiveness erases the mind and leaves a clean slate.
Forgiveness is the return to love, health and happiness.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
Forgiveness is for ourselves.
Forgiveness clears the fear.
Forgiveness makes everything possible.

Forgiveness changes our thoughts and feelings.
Forgiveness reminds us of our power.
Forgiveness restores our faith, love and trust.
Forgiveness gives us peace and understanding.

Forgiveness is the path to peace of mind.
Forgiveness returns us to our natural state.
Forgiveness gives us hope and new insight.
Forgiveness provides inner direction.

True forgiveness is not making the mistakes OK.
True forgiveness is not letting people do bad things.
True forgiveness is not pretending all things are as they should be.
True forgiveness helps us see and be and free all to choose again for what is good and whole and loving.

Forgiveness changes our hearts.
Forgiveness opens our minds.
Forgiveness changes our choices.
Forgiveness helps us clean up the past.

When the past is gone, we can choose with wisdom and love.
When we open to change, we see helpful and beneficial choices.
When we open our minds, we see things differently.
When we change our hearts, we find inner peace and happiness.

When we forgive mistakes easily and quickly, there is no harm.
When we make an error, we simply erase it and do it over.
When we just a mistake, we feel guilty and often make the same mistake.
The less guilt and shame, there is no one to blame and we simply choose again.

Forgiveness saves time.
Forgiveness heals hurts.
Forgiveness changes minds.
Forgiveness transforms lives.

Clear the past and you are free to choose again.
Clean up the mess and you can create anew.
Change your mind and the hurt is healed.
Live in love and only goodness is revealed.

Loving you and me endlessly,
Betty Lue


There is not a medicine, herb, ointment or potion that can compare to the power of love and forgiveness for healing the body, emotions, mind and soul.

Love and forgiveness must be present before true healing can occur.  By consciously choosing love and forgiveness,  we can free ourselves of the blockages commonly known as pain and dis-ease.

Forgiveness opens the door for love to enter.  When you choose to forgive yourself, you naturally let go of guilt.  You are then free to love yourself and life more fully.  When you find it in your heart to forgive another person, you will naturally let go of resentment and anger.  You are then free to love that person more fully, and will experience greater harmony in all of your relationships.

This is the basic formula necessary for healing ourselves on an individual level and for healing our world on a global level.                  
                                                         Neil S. Cohen