Saturday, August 18, 2018

Be Responsible

I am willing to respond with Love.
I am willing to care for my whole Self so I am able to respond with Love.
I choose to be responsible for my self, my life and my relationships.
I forgive all mistakes and choose better ways to live.

Are You Responsible?

Are you willing to be responsible for your life?
Are you ready to learn how to have a life that works?
Are you willing to stop expecting someone else to do it?
Are you open to stop complaining about others?

When we focus on ourselves, we clean up after our selves.
When we pay attention, we learn from our mistakes.
When we are honest, we know when we could do better.
When we make excuses, we simply stay stuck in the old ways.

When we are willing to learn from life, we see what is not working.
When we are willing to make changes, we stop doing the same thing.
When we are open to finding a better way, we explore alternatives.
When we are open to being responsible, we seek only to do our best.

Are you up for the challenge?
No complaining or whining for 21 days?
I have purple (complaint-free world bracelets to give you to use.
When we want to change the habit of blaming someone else, we need practice.

The habit of blaming parents, government, economy, spouse or others weakens us.
When we complain, we drain our energy and gain nothing.
When we try to get others to fix our problems or feel sorry for us, we lose our power.
When we whine, justify, make excuses, we try to make our choice right.

Who is willing to be responsible?
Who is willing to take full responsibility for our lives, finances, relationships, and situations?
There is freedom and power in being responsible.
There is stuckness and weakness in blaming others.

Imagine that there is an external parent, partner, Government, or God to take care of you.
How dependent would we be on making up we need do nothing but expect their help.
How childlike would be our neediness and how dependent would we stay on another?
Perhaps we have thought that depending on someone else will make us strong??

In nature people stay together to be stronger.
In nature it is survival of the strongest and smartest.
In nature it is take care of others and they will take care of you.
In natural societies, people stay in tribes, clans and families to make sure all needs are met.

We have created an unnatural society, by not expecting and showing how to be responsible.
When everyone is responsible, every part will be filled.
When everyone does their fair share, all needs are met.
When we all seek what is best for all, everyone has enough.

What can you do now to play your part responsibly?
·     Do what you see needs to be done.
·     Take care of everything you have agreed to do.
·     Always give your best and keep your agreements.
·     Pay for your own expenses by doing what you can.
·     Live within your means and save for times you may not have work.
·     Be responsible with your spending…. (Less is More!)
·     Have fun with no money.
·     Be kind to everyone, including kids and elders and animals and the Earth.

It is time to grow up and show up with respect, responsibility and cooperation.
Trusting we are able and we will do what we can do.
Betty Lue