Monday, July 23, 2018

Teaching and Learning

I am teaching and learning from everyone.
I learn best from those who live what they teach.
I associate naturally with those who are loving and giving, happy and helpful.
Life is a university of infinite ideas, curiosity and wonder.

Who Are Your Teachers?

Who do you admire?
What do you want to learn?
How do you choose your teachers?
How do you judge who and what you can learn from?

Do you trust and respect your self?
Are you learning from those around you?
Do you learn from the mistakes of others?
Do you learn from those who have a good life?

When you listen to others, you are learning.
When you admire others, you are learning.
When you trust and respect others, you are learning.
Make sure you are learning what you really want to learn!

Teachers and mentors may be hard to find.
Look for those who have the qualities you admire.
Seek to associate with those who have a lifestyle you value.
Create relationships with those who are living what they teach.

The rich may not be truly happy.
The successful may not be very loving.
The healthy may not be helpful to others.
What is the ideal you see to be and experience in your life?

My role models have been those who naturally are loving, giving and forgiving.
They are my grandmother and parents and people who live what they teach.
They have their own unique way of giving and serving easily everyday.
They are people I have observed are good inside and out.

Do you take your time to pay attention to what you know inside?
Are you purposely inspiring yourself everyday with helpful reminders?
Do you trust and respect the words you say and the way you live in everyway?
Are you speaking the truth from a place of love or fear?

My question for myself is always, “What is the highest Truth here?”
I stop and listen within to what I already know.
If I am unsure, I go to the highest teachers and most inspiring books.
When I get the answers, I know because it resonates and brings peace to my heart.

Ask yourself what kind of life you really want.
Take time to WRITE out your heartfelt responses.
To accomplish what you see, practice one at a time.
Savor the self-appreciation and you will see how one leads to more achievements.

You are the One you must learn to admire, trust, respect and Love.
You are the one you are here to listen to and serve well.
You can be all you are meant to be by living on purpose.
You can be content with yourself today and everyday.

I am always Loving and believing in YOU!
Betty Lue