Friday, July 27, 2018

Relationships Remind Us

I am created by Love as Love for the Soul Purpose of Loving.
I easily remember to love everyone including myself.
My Love transforms all relationships into Loving Reminders.
I fill myself with Love by continuing to freely give Love

Relationships Remind Us to Return to Love!

Whether we know it or not, every relationship can be helpful and healing.
Whether we realize it or not, we have the relationships we need to learn about ourselves.
Whether we can see it or not, all upsets are past similar that are calling to be healed.
Even when we do not understand, we keep repeating past wounds until we heal ourselves.

Each relationship we have teaches us and reminds us.
Every encounter, even the brief ones show us a piece of ourselves.
Every pet, plant and person is a gift of opportunity to let go, forgive and love ourselves.
Each interaction can be used to heal or hurt, forgive or judge, love or fear.

Our primary relationship is always with learning to love ourselves.
When we remember to love, trust, respect and appreciate the One We are, others are easy to Love.
Every unloving thought, word or action is always a call for Love.
When we forsake another, we have forsaken ourselves.

We are here to respond to every call for Love with Love.
When we are empty and forgetting to Love ourselves, we cannot respond with Love.
When we cannot respond to the tears and fears of another, we may withdraw or get angry with them.
When we cannot or will not love another, we feel guilty and often attack or avoid or abandon.

We will all learn to always and only respond with Love to all calls for Love.
Sometimes this Love is given directly and immediately with kindness and listening.
Sometimes, we must give quiet space and allow the other to calm themselves with loving thoughts.
Sometimes, we simple sit in silence and wait for the opening to love.

Each response to love is unique to the individual situation.
When we feel our own need for love, we can step aside to get healing and clarity within.
When we sit with our own thoughts and feelings, listening and writing is very helpful.
The real reason I am upset is:  or  The Real Reason I feel unloved is:

Learn to sit quietly and write down to every response or reaction you hold in mind.
The objective is to clear it all by writing everything down no matter how crazy or irrational.
The mind creates the same experience it holds in mind, until we are clear of reasons and excuses.
Our work is to Clear Everything Unlike Love and learn to always return to Love.

Relationships are not to GET Love.
All relationships are for learning to GIVE Love.
When we do not Love ourselves, we feel needy to GET Love.
When we Love ourselves, we feel happy to GIVE Love.

Life is for GIVING!
You are the GIFT.
When you GIVE the Love within You,
You Realize the 
Gift of Love You Are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue


·      Perception is a mirror, not a fact.
·      What we see in another is a projection of our history and our internal judgments.
·      Therefore, we see what we want to see in the moment, what fits with our current ideas, beliefs, and attitudes.
·      Relationships are an opportunity to become a spotless mirror.
·      Relationships show us where we are stuck in our opinions and self-judgment.
·      Healing our perceptions, clearing our relationships, loving everyone equally, and cleaning our mirror is the purpose of the world and physical experience.
·      Present moment experiences reflect past similars. We recreate past patterns until we come to peace and clear our misperceptions.
·      The major portion of all relationships with lovers, spouses, children, employers and friends is to clear the past.
·      Awareness with no judgment is healing. Simply notice.
·      We are responsible for our experience and receive what we have asked for exactly as we have asked.
·      Everything works together for good.
·      To consciously give ourselves and our relationships to Spirit is to allow the undoing to occur in an easy, natural way with trust in the outcome.
·      To the degree we respect ourselves, we are respected by others.
·      To the degree we abandon ourselves, we are abandoned by others.
·      To the degree we listen to and honor ourselves, we are listened to and honored by others.
·      Also, to the degree we love and trust ourselves, we can love and trust others.
·      So, it behooves all of us to clean up our own relationship with ourselves—to let go of everything that blocks us from respecting, being with, listening to and honoring, loving and trusting ourselves.
        Indeed, this is the cure-all for relationships.
·      The simple truth is that the outer reality is but a reflection of our inner kingdom.