Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Free Your Self!

I love the choices I make for the sake of loving.
I free myself to be my whole self by letting go.
I relinquish the past and let love last.
Life works at its best when I lighten up.

Let Go and Live Free!

So often we carry what is not ours.
We may take on beliefs that do not fit.
We learn habits that do not help.
We follow trends that seem unlike us.

Is it time to clean our minds?
Can we let go of what we believe that is faulty?
Are we ready to release what does not bring peace?
Can we undo all that is no longer true?

To forgive is to erase with love.
To release is to let go and find peace.
To experience grace is to be grateful.
To be born anew is to relinquish the past.

Write it down and throw it away.
Bury the past hurts and sorrows in the ground.
Let the poopy stuff be used as fertilizer.
Clear out the old and plant seeds for the new.

Is it time to clean our bodies?
Can we change our diet to healthy and good?
Are we willing to give up unhealthy food?
Can we begin today to live in living way?

Clean our cupboards of what we know is not our best.
Give ourselves time to prepare our food naturally.
Get enough sleep and rest and play everyday.
Move our bodies instead of sitting still.

Let us lighten up our minds and bodies.
Let us fill our heart with visions of love.
Let us create good for ourselves and others.
Let us live according to the highest truths.

We can be what we truly want to be.
Change begins at home within us.
We need to bring light to our minds.
We need to offer love to our bodies.

When mind and body are aligned we are open to Spirit.
Inspiration is the cornerstone of building the next chapter in life.
Being alive mentally, physically and emotionally is the key to creativity.
We can create whatever we want when we do not carry the past with us.

Be in charge of your life.
Free yourself from the mistakes of your past.
Give yourself the best you deserve with everything you ingest.
Let go and love yourself to wholeness, goodness and abundant life.

Let go and live free.
You will see how Good it gets.
You will know what life is meant to be.
When you live free, you will fully be You.

Yes, this is for you and for me!
I am always Loving YOU!
Betty Lue