Thursday, July 12, 2018


I love, trust and respect myself.
I am confident in the choices I make.
My confidence inspires others to trust themselves.
I believe in myself and free myself to live my life my way.

Be Confident!

Believe in yourself.
Have confidence in Who You Are.
Trust in your own choices.
Live Life your way.

Do you know what you want?
Can you tell when you are happy?
Are you choosing without fear?
Do you trust what is right for you?

Your life is yours alone.
No one knows who you are better than you.
No one understands your feelings more than you do.
You alone can truly discover your authentic self.

When you have confidence, you are clear.
When you believe in you, you listen to yourself.
When you trust your decisions, you are calm and confident.
When you live in integrity with your values, life is fun, safe and easy.

We get off track by trying to please others.
We neglect ourselves when we seek for approval.
We forget our own values when we compare ourselves.
We are distracted by trying to fit in with others.

To find yourself, spend time alone.
To be true to you, get to know yourself.
To feel clear and confident, discover your values, purpose and life path.
To express yourself authentically, be assertive and respect your own truth.

Many people and many paths exist for us to choose.
Many beliefs and many believers think they are right.
Many authorities, many books and many teachings may compete for your devotion.
When you find what is “right” for you, you will feel lighter, freer and stronger!

Your key to being happy is to follow what is “happy, free and true” for you.
Learn to listen to your inner voice.
Choose to follow the light within you.
Allow yourself to feel good about you.

Part of living is seeking your own way.
Part of life is discovering what resonates with you.
Part of life is experimenting to see what works for you.
When you discover your way and choose what works, you feel confident in your choices.

Know yourself and be true to what you believe.
You will find and trust what lives in you and through you.
You will know natural confidence as you honor your own choices.
You will allow others to choose what is right for them.

Confidence creates freedom, respect and appreciation for each person as they choose.
Everyone is exploring and experimenting to find their own right way.
Let us each trust and believe in ourselves as we respect everyone in living their own truth.
Love is trusting and freeing us all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue