Friday, May 25, 2018


I breathe and live fully and freely.
I am alive in Spirit and inspire others with my aliveness.
I joyfully work and contribute, participate and enjoy my place in the world.
I do what is mine to do with generosity and gratitude.

Time for Renewal

Are you breathing deeply?
Are you appreciating what you have?
Are you listening for your calling?
Are you opening your heart to serve?

When we know we are fully alive, we live fully.
When we are feeling gratitude for all we have, we give freely.
When we are listening to our heart, we know where to go and what to do.
When we are willing to serve, we attend to the people in our lives.

How often we get caught in the drama and create even more for ourselves?
How much do we take in others fearful thoughts and images and forget the goodness within us?
How much time to we spend listening to the bad news and hurtful words and forget to listen for love?
When do we give our time and energy and resources to what will do some real good to create only good?

Everyday, we have opportunities to encourage others hopes, plans and dreams.
Within everyone there are stories of renewal of hope, faith and love.
We can remind ourselves of how empowered we are to turn judgment into forgiveness.
When we turn to where we are going rather than where we have been, we can see the way.

Every difficulty is a wakeup call.
Every hardship is a time for doing our best.
Every trauma is an opportunity to practice our faith.
Every hurt is an invitation for learning to forgive and heal.

Each time we have a setback, we can see it as a request to move forward.
Every time we lose hope and experience despair, we can get up and do something hopeful.
When we find ourselves lost and confused, we can get out our inspirational compass and seek direction.
When we have forgotten who we are and our purpose here, we can sit down and explore our lives.

To be alive is a gift to be given.
To ask for guidance is essential.
To listen to our heart is a requirement for clarity.
To honor what is inspiring and good for us brings joy.

Each person has a reason for being.
We are teachers and gifts for one another.
We are never alone but rather all one
We have answers for each others questions.

In our individual expression we play our unique parts.
In our togetherness we are united, whole and complete.
We are renewed in spirit by the love of each other.
We are rejuvenated in purpose as we work together side by side.

Loving our wholeness are we join in possibility and prayer,
Betty Lue