Friday, May 18, 2018


I trust in the healing and inspiring power of Love.
I am inspired to forgive all and always be loving.
I trust and free myself and others to give our best.
I am open and willing to learn to love everyone.

Happy Birthday today to my Spiritual Life Partner!

Spiritualizing Your Relationships

How do you inspire your relationships?
What do you believe about Love?
How do you create more happiness daily?
What is the Source of your Love and Joy?

To bring Spirit (inspiration) into your relationships, you need to remind yourself.
To become a creator and giver of Love and Joy, you must have Spirit (inspiration) within you.
To be aware of your own inspiration, you need to clear away what is depressing and limiting.
To live as the Source of Inspiration in your relationship, you need to know Inspiration within.

Live everyday as if your life matters.
Because It does matter.
Honor yourself with every thought and word and deed you do.
Your thoughts and words and activities create.

Respect others with what you think about them.
Respect for others allows you to respect yourself.
Inspire with the words you say to everyone, and you will be inspired.
Listen to what others say to you and erase those words which are not inspiring.
Contribute to the quality of every relationship with all good and only good.
Cease putting negative thoughts or words into your relationships.
Give to others as you want to be given to .
Love and appreciate others as you want to be loved and appreciated.

When you want connection and joining, connect and join with the other.
When you want honesty and openness, be honest and open.
When you want equality in your relationships, always give your best.
When you want commitment in your relationships, commit to what is highest and best for both of you.

With respect, responsibility and cooperation, relationships, partnerships and families work well.
Be willing to see beneath the seeming differences to what the other really wants.
Be able and willing to respond to all calls for love  and all lack of love with Your Love.
Be open to giving your fair share to others and more as you listen for their requests

Inspiration is breathing in Spirit, living in Spirit and speaking with Spirit inspires.
To bring Spirit into your relationships is to 100% be focused on giving only what uplifts others.
To spiritualize your Self and your life, listen to and follow your inner spiritual guidance.
To be willing to heal with Spirit is to Trust the gift and blessing in all things.

Loving All and reminding us to learn to Love one another,
Betty Lue


Joining-Create a common vision or shared goal.

Honesty- Communicate your true intention without secrets or withholds.

Equality-Each is giving the best they know in each moment.

Commitment- Agree to what is highest and best for both parties.

Responsibility- Be able and willing to respond consciously to all relationship needs without guilt or blame. Be respectful and forgiving of mistakes made.


To have successful relationships with partners, spouse, coworkers, teammates, children there are five essential factors: Joining, Honesty, Equality, Commitment, Responsibility.

Joining: All parties must share a common goal or vision for their relationship. This shared vision comes from communication regarding the needs of each individual, their vision for the future and what they share in common.

Honesty: Honest communication is sharing what really matters with no blame, guilt or withholds.
Honest is a byproduct of integrity, living one’s life on purpose with openness and appreciation.

Equality: When both parties are giving their best in each moment, there is equality.  Equality is not measured by comparison: it is experienced when there is the willingness to give one’s best even when it is less than the other.  To quit or hold back on one’s giving creates inequality.

Commitment: To commit to the fulfillment of the desired vision or goal and to the success of the relationship requires always choosing what is best for both.  Decisions are based on what is a win/win for all concerned.  One must be committed to what is highest and best for each party.

Responsibility: Being fully able and willing to respond to whatever is needed to create success through joining, honesty, equality and commitment is being fully responsible.  Where there is guilt or blame being communicated, there is inequality and victimization as well as lack of responsibility.

To be successful requires staying conscious.
To be successful requires a willingness to communicate with respect.
To be successful requires an acceptance of differences.
To be successful requires open-minded and appreciation of all parties.

To take on unconscious patterns of dysfunctional family systems will limit the success of one’s joining, honest communication, true willingness to give., total commitment to what is best for all and assuming full responsibility for the quality of the relationship.

If you want success and fulfillment in your relationships, begin today to observe what you can do to improve them in every way.  You need not depend upon the other changing in order to increase the quality of your relating.

Blessings for choosing a better way,
Betty Lue