Sunday, March 25, 2018


Peace and Love begin with me.
I choose peace instead of this.
Forgiveness offers everything I want.
I release and I let go.


Reaction or Response?
Restriction or Freedom?
Doubt or Trust?

Our True Responsibility is to Return to Love.
When we are reacting with fear, we block out Love.
When we are lost in conflict, we cannot find Peace.
When we are separate from another, we do not feel our Union.

Without Love, there is fear.
Without Peace, there is doubt.
Without connection, we feel alone.
Without Union, we are not free.

Our healing work is our responsibility.
We can no longer blame anyone for our disconnection.
We can no longer be a victim of our own choices, conscious or not.
We can no long criticize what another has done to excuse our experiences.

What we believe, see and experience our responsibility.
No matter what the projection, we are able to respond with trust.
No matter what seems to be, we are able to respond with freedom.
No matter what we think is so, our loving responses can transform the experiences.

We can change our beliefs and change our mind.
We can undo what is not wholly true and loving and change our feelings.
We can let go of what comes from fear and resentment and change the situation.
We can be the peace-maker by shining our light and sharing our healing light.

And so it is, we release our faulty thinking and remember only Love.
We delete unhappy memories.
We forgive negative resistance.
We release our attachments and addictions.

Our work is always here to be undone.
We find consistent happiness in our willingness.
We know true inner peace when we release.
We allow innocence to return as our healing friend.

Loving us all as we are responsible for ourselves and our choices.
Betty Lue