Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sharing Joy

I am willing to share my joy with others.
I know all life matters.
I treat others as I seek to be treated.
Life works for me when I am happy.

Share Your Joy!

What greater gift can you give that pure happiness and joy!
Are you remembering to appreciate?
Do you know how to express yoru joy?
Are you letting those you know how much you care?

Everyone matters!
Do you let them know?
Everyone is important!
Do you express your gratitude?

Start with your family.
Let your partner see your love.
Show your children how precious they are.
Allow your family to see your happiness.

Remember to show your inner delight.
Demonstrate your value for your life.
Treat your Self with respect and dignity.
Honor your gifts to yourself and others.

Remember to let people know you care.
Take time to listen and share your joy.
Be open to what matters to others.
Demonstrate you want them to be happy.

Smile and bring peace and harmony.
Be willing to give your caring.
Listen with compassion and kindness.
Be the best you can be with all.

Good Living is simply loving with the natural delight within
Always loving and honoring us all.
Betty Lue


  1. Make No Assumptions. 
  2. Keep Your Agreements. 
  3. Take Nothing Personally. 
  4. Always Give Your Best.