Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Choose To Be Grateful!

I choose to be grateful.
My gratitude expands my love.
I can change my mind for good.
My mind inspires my joy and prosperity.


Choose to be happy.
Choose to be peaceful.
Choose to be kind.
Choose to be loving.

Choose to think positive.
Choose to think hopeful.
Choose to think trusting.
Choose to think helpful.

Life is choice.
You choose what you value.
Spend you time on what is important.
Focus your energy on what you desire.

When you know what you value, release what is not valuable.
When you know what you want, eliminate what you don't want.
When you believe what is good, do what is beneficial.
When you recognize what is positive, give it your all.

The more you focus on what you value, the more you have to value.
The ways you appreciate what is best for you, the more you experience what is best.
The appreciation expands what you value.
The gratitude you share and show extends what you value.

Love is the way we live in gratitude.
Prosperity is the way we show what we value.
Life extends itself with our full appreciation.
We are fulfilled with all we appreciate.

Take time everyday to fully give thanks.
Give yourself the appreciation you deserve.
Fill yourself up with your own gratitude.
Be happy with your Self.

Change your mind to experience what you prefer.
Focus on what is your optimum feeling.
Use your thoughts to inspire yourself.
Breathe in the fullness of your life.

The more we fully love and appreciate ourselves, the more we love and appreciate others.
The more we love and appreciate ourselves and others, the more our lives with prosper.
So let us remember to give gratitude for ourselves and our life choices.
Blessings of thanksgiving,
Betty Lue