Monday, October 09, 2017

What To Trust?

I trust in the power of Love.
I trust in the power of thought.
I trust that we all can find the Peace of God (Goodness) within.
I trust that together in Love, we cannot lose.

What Do You Trust?

Do you trust in something greater than yourself?
Do you trust in a person or personality?
Do you trust in nature and your environment?
Do you trust in knowledge, wisdom, science?

Trust is integral to feel safe.
Trust is the key to real Love.
Trust offers security and inner peace.
Trust is the foundation on which we depend.

Our currency says “”In God We Trust”.
In most religions, we turn to God for our trust.
Some trust in themselves.
Some trust in external authorities.

When there are mistakes, we seek for something to trust.
In accidents and disasters, we look for trust to understand.
In confusion and conflict, we seek to find what to rely on.
When we are in doubt and fear, we long for something to trust.

It is time to consider our own inner voice.
Have we listened within?
Do we honestly follow our heart?
Are we here for ourselves?

When we do not know, do we ask to know?
When we cannot see, do we seek for what is true?
When we feel alone, do we seek for inner authority?
Are we afraid of Love, Truth, Peace and Goodness?

In these times of external uncertainty, what do we rely on?
In our desire for safety and security, do we look within?
Are we ready and willing to follow what is the way of love?
Do we listen for a path that is helpful, healing and Holy?

There are religions and philosophies of fear and doomsday.
There are paths of hope, faith, love and inspiration.
There are choices to hide and avoid and those that teach fear.
There are ideals that bring comfort, certainty and inner peace.

We each choose our own path of possibility and future outcomes.
It is ours alone to consider and allow it to guide us on our way.
We must consider, choose and create what is “True” for us.
Trust in the goodness in which you have chosen to trust.

Loving us all as we learn and grow from and with one another.
Betty Lue