Sunday, October 29, 2017

Vacation And Sabbatical

Take time to pause and feel grateful.
Take moments to express love for one another.
Take time to get away to vision and imagine the Good.
Give yourself what is highest and best for you.

We are in Hawaii October 30 - November 11

Going on a Vacation!

Taking time for renewal and rejuvenation!
Time to study and learn.
Time to have fun and relax.
Always time to be extending love and peace.

We are taking time as we do once or twice a year in our home away from home.
While we are always reaching out with loving service to many in our three centers, we love to go away.
The Big Island of Hawaii is our favorite, because we have time share there for almost 30 years.
Time to be quiet, read, write, swim, walk, meditate, complete projects, vision, and simply enjoy.

Life is filled with good learning, loving, laughing and letting go wherever we are
Taking some extra deep breaths with special time to pause is renewing for mind and body.
Everyone can pause for an extra few minutes daily.
Everyone can take time to enjoy the moment and remember the good with gratitude.

We committed our relationship to “be on service to Goodness and God” over 32 years ago.
We individually have consciously dedicated our lives to serving humanity at early ages.
Together we support and encourage one another to always give our best to what is good for all.
With our co-mission being the same, we never forget or neglect what we are here for.

Consider what your purpose is.
Look at how you support yourself.
Become aware of how to stay on path.
Give yourself time to renew and energize your purpose.

The process below will give you inspiration to consider what is best for you.
With recommitment to your fulfillment, you will stay healthy, happy and in harmony.
With remembering to feel grateful and happy with yourself, you will experience prosperity.
With support for and from others, you will be gratified and satisfied with every day.

We must remember that we all have purpose.
We all make a difference when we are happy.
We all can find great peace in living in integrity.
We all will be prospered by giving our best.

Life can be enjoyed fully, when we do what is ours to do.
There are always gifts to be given.
There are always ways to serve.
There is always a place to contribute.

You and I are really the same.
We are here together to give what is ours to share.
We are all here to celebrate one another in our caring.
We can make this world a better place for us all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Remember we am available even when I am away
Call, text or email if you have need.
We are here with you and for you!