Friday, October 13, 2017

Stay Safe!

I take care of me so I can care for you.
I am safe and provide safety for others.
I trust in my safety as I listen to my inner voice.
I am grateful for opportunity to serve others.

Staying Safe.

Do you keep yourself safe and calm?
Do you provide peace and support for yourself?
Do you know how to be gentle with yourself?
Are you willing to treat yourself with sensitivity and kindness?

With all the natural disasters, let us realize how important our safety is.
Do you know what you need to feel safe?
Do you forget how to be respectful of your needs?
Are you aware of how sensitive your really are?

Observe your situation.
Take care of the people with you.
Be willing to share your information.
Help others with helpful predictions.

Rather than observe of events, be a visionary.
Always see the best.
Look for a future with positive outcomes.
Place your energy on what good can happen.

Remember that when we accept our current state, we are calm and creative.
When we are calm, we are more resilient and can accommodate for what is.
Our safety relies on our defenselessness and trust.
We can be more creative in our solutions when we are open-minded.

With every life challenge, we can learn.
With every difficult event, we can trust.
With every problem, we can find solutions.
With all negative events, we can seek what is positive.

The current wildfires raging in northern California, we have an opportunity to learn.
With the hurricanes, flooding and fires, we can volunteer our resources to give back.
With the challenges to our country and around the world, we can practice hope, faith and charity.
With whatever confronts us personally or collectively, we can be safe.

In our safety, we have the opportunity to serve others.
In our safety, we can share our resources.
In our safety we can offer positive thoughts and prayer.
In our safety we can be calm and at peace.

All things work together for good.
We are here to be truly helpful.
We are here to share our love and trust.
We are here to join together in faith.

Let us love one another and be safe.
Loving you,
Betty Lue