Saturday, September 16, 2017

What Do You Know?

I do not know what is the truth for you.
I know what is mine to know in each moment.
I trust in my inner guidance to guide me to what is best for me.
I easily forgive and release what is no longer the best for me.

Do You Know?

You know what you believe you know.
You know what others agree you know.
You know what your senses tell you.
You know what you have read and believed.

But what do you really know?
Life and its facts are constantly changing
What we perceive we are taught to believe.
We only think we know and become what we think.

What were the ideas we had about hygiene have changed.
Our knowledge about the Universe has expanded.
Our perceptions of energy waves and particles is different.
Our understanding of our body keeps growing.

When we think we “know” someone, we may find they are different.
When we thought we “knew” ourselves, we may discover new emotions.
Our revelation about people we know may be disclosed by others.
Secrets hide and minds expand.

Maybe it is time to consider we only know a fraction of what exists.
Or maybe what we think we know is an illusion in our minds.
Or maybe there is an underlying reality which is ever-expanding.
Consider that you think you know because the unknown is too much to know.

Let us turn our knowledge into what it is for right now.
Believe what is your knowing until something more comes to you.
Be open and willing to expand your thinking to know what is needed.
Trust and respect that what each one knows is only a particle of the truth.

I see and hear what I can see and hear.
I believe and trust what serves me now.
I value and appreciate what each one brings to me.
I learn from everyone a piece of what is.

I love you and I and what we share with one another.
Our perceptions are our point of view.
Each one expands the greater whole.
We are all describing the truth from our own perspective.

Respecting you and me together,
Betty Lue