Friday, September 01, 2017

Stay Centered!

I stay grounded in the highest truth I know.
I am steadfast in my purpose and my love.
I know who I am and why I am here.
I live life with integrity, passion and courage.

Everything Changes

When everything is changing, stay centered.
When everything is moving, stay grounded.
Find your base and affirm your truth.
Live in integrity with what you value.

Yes, the earth is revolving.
The weather is changing.
Emotions are shifting.
Life is constantly in motion.

You may feel wobbly.
You may be uncertain.
You may want stability.
Find your ground of being.

Anchor in your highest truth.
Live with full awareness.
Choose what is best for you.
Live your life in the present.

Eat what is good for you.
Breathe deeply and relax.
Sleep where there is peace.
Enjoy the beauty around you.

Life keeps on flowing.
Nature keeps on growing.
Cycles and seasons keep shifting.
Clouds and winds keep on drifting.

Stand where you are.
Look around and spot.
Attend first to you.
You are the center.

Like a dancer on the wind.
Begin to relax and allow.
Let go and flow with what is.
Be in the moment and be true.

Honor you voice.
Listen to your Self.
Ask for reminders.
Learn to trust and be free.

Attend to your Heart.
Let go of fear and love again and still again.
Always loving you,
Betty Lue