Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Show You Care!

I care about you.
I want you to know you matter to me.
I trust that my caring matters to you.
I know the more we care about each other, the happier we are.

Let Them Know You Care!

Before it is too late……let them know you care!
Have no regrets and let everyone know you care.
Share with you family and let them know you care.
Share with your friends and let them know you care.

Sometimes we forget to let them know.
Sometimes we think it doesn't matter.
Sometime it is too late to let them know.
Sometimes we believe they already know.

There are many in your life over the years.
Many contribute to you significantly.
Sometimes we take them for granted.
But do you know that your caring matters.

Some fear saying “I Love You.”
Some feel vulnerable saying they care.
Some avoid anything emotional.
Some don't want to share real feelings.

It is important to share what is true.
It makes a different to let others know.
It changes lives to be willing to share.
It is the greatest gift you offer is your caring.

Why not?
Reach out to those in your past.
Speak out loud, “ I miss you” to those departed.
Express what is heartfelt to those around you.

Often and everyday, it is valuable to say the words.
Be open and willing to feel your love and appreciation.
Trust that what you share will make a big difference.
Allow your heart to feel how important each one is.

You begin to understand how important you are.
What you feel for them is what they feel for you
Underneath, in hiding, the loving and caring is mutual.
When words are not spoken, there may always be doubt.

It is time to share.
It is important to care.
This is your invitation.
“I love you “and “I know you love me too!”

Caring is our way of remembering why we came together.
Loving You!
Betty Lue