Saturday, September 30, 2017


I prosper myself as I look forward to the future.
I believe healing occurs as we live with hope.
I have faith in the future.
I am grateful for all the Good in my life.

Prosper with Faith in the Future.

What does it take to prosper?
Prosper with hope.
Prosper with faith.
Prosper with Love.

It seems so elementary.
We know we must be hopeful to succeed.
We know we must have faith in ourselves to benefit.
We know we must love ourselves and our gifts to do well.

But do we do what is necessary?
Are we grateful for what we have achieved?
Do we recognize how much we have imagined success?
Have we invested in our own goodness and wholeness?

Yes, we prosper because we believe in all that is Good.
We prosper when we envision our wholeness, abundance and gratitude for all.
We prosper because we focus on our prosperity with faith.
We prosper when we extend our gratitude, love and joy for all Good.

To focus on our good prospers us all.
To focus on our neediness diminishes what we have/
To enjoy the everyday goodness enriches our lives.
To criticize what is limited and lacking depletes our lives.

It is essential that we learn to be grateful for all that is given.
It is important that we share with others with pleasure.
It is our work to learn to value what is truly valuable.
It is our reward to see all things working together for Good.

When we expect miracles, we seek and find them.
When we despair of not finding, we tend to not look.
When we trust in a positive outcome, we know it is there.
The Good becomes our focus and we see it all clearly.

It is time to proper ourselves and our global family
It is ours to focus with hope and gratitude on all Good.
We can be the ones to bring positive prayer and affirmation.
We can be grateful for believing and seeing the outcome we want.

Let us prosper one another.
Be hopeful and grateful .
Betty Lue

The word “Prosperity” comes from the Latin root which translates literally as “according to hope” or “to go forward hopefully”.  Therefore we prosper ourselves with our hopeful attitude toward life.