Friday, August 04, 2017

Gentle Changes Please

I love change and change sets me free.
Life keeps evolving in me and through me as me.
Whatever will be, will be….so why not just TRUST?
I have fun trusting and freeing myself to allow change.


Change causes stress.
Too many and too much change may cause “distress”.
We are sensitive beings.
We must be gentle and respectful with ourselves.

All is fun, safe and easy, when we flow with love.
When we remember we are whole and complete, we are at peace.
When we believe we are flawed or imperfect, we may be afraid.
Our work is to allow ourselves to forgive the fear and remember to Love.

With Love in us, we easily let go and flow with change, trusting and freeing ourselves.
We adapt to whatever comes to us when we feel safe and stay in love.
We allow ourselves to be curious and interested in what will be the outcome.
We trust that all is well and works together for good.

This is a time of great change on the planet.
This change is experienced within each one of us.
It is encouraging us to take great care of ourselves.
It is inviting us to open our heart to learn and love even more.

When we resist the changes, we may be conflicted and confused.
When we doubt the changes, we may misunderstand and feel forced.
When we are overwhelmed with the choices, we may find ourselves afraid.
When we breathe and let go, we begin to realize there is always good within what seems to be.

Take time to rest.
Breathe deeply and slowly.
Drink water freely.
Allow the flow to simply be.

We can run and hide from change.
We can try to avoid distract ourselves.
We can wish we could stay comfortable.
Or we can look forward to what is to come.

We choose to adapt or contract.
We choose to let go or hang on.
We choose to allow or have a fit.
We choose to learn something new or insist on the old.

We are always choosing joy or pain.
We are making up what can be good or bad.
We live in a world of experiences that either expand our consciousness or shut us down.

What will it be is ours to see with the choices we make.
Breathe deep and let go.
Trust with an open mind and willing heart.
It will all be better than we can imagine.

Let Love prevail.
Betty Lue