Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Enjoy Your Life!

I choose to have a life I enjoy.
I prefer a fun, safe and easy life.
Life works for me because I choose the life I have.
I am clear to choose what supports my highest and best Self.

Full Moon at 11:10AM.

Enjoy the Journey!

Why not enjoy it?
Life is an adventure.
Life is an education.
Life is your creation.

Stop and look at the choices in your life.
What directions has it taken?
What has been the focus of your life?
What have you learned and taught?

Your life is a road map which you may not have read.
Your life shows you what works and what doesn’t work?
You have experienced delays, detours, disappointments and downfalls.
You have know the glory of victory and agony of defeat.

Now is your life to stop and enjoy the sum total, by acknowledging all of it.
You will see what you have learned.
You will notice what you ignored.
You will be challenged by what could have been.

Now it the time to clarify all you have created, experienced and enjoyed.
Where you have chosen to suffer, consider making a change.
When you have been challenged, consider remembering your best.
When you have been neglectful and ignorant, forgive yourself.
You will see where you are going when you see the direction.

You have learned.
You will be delighted with the good you have done, when you look for it.
You will be able to choose again wisely when you are willing to seek wisdom.
Time to stop criticizing your self and the learning and healing you have achieved.

Life has many twists and turns, ups and downs.
Some experience little change and some experience dramatic change.
We all get what we want to awaken and choose more wisely.
We need to learn we deserve to have what we really want.

When one wants ease and joy, that is what they have.
When another wants roller coaster fun, they have thrills and tumult.
Take a look at your ride and choose clearly and honestly for what you want.
We know that there will be many changes and we can learn and enjoy the ride.

Seasons change, energies change, locations change, relationships change.
Get wiser and more selective so you can have the ethics, values, and ease you desire.
Time to breathe, time to choose, time to appreciate and do what is right for you.
I know you can enjoy your life more with joyful and grateful changes and choices.

Loving to live with joy,
Betty Lue