Wednesday, July 05, 2017


I forgive myself for limiting my Self!
I set myself free to be All That I Am.
I release the false beliefs I have laid upon myself.
I no longer allow anyone or anything to limit me.

Do You Limit Your Self?

Are you unlimited?
Do you think of yourself as incapable?
Do you believe you cannot do what you want to do?
Are you able to change your mind?

What limits you?
Have you given power to other people?
Do you give power to fear?
Are you unwilling to challenge your limiting beliefs?

If you were unlimited, what would you do?
If you have plenty of money, what would you do?
If you could free you mind, what would you clear?
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

If you could change any choice, what would you change?
We have infinite choices to make in life.
We can change our mind, our emotions and our behavior.
We can free ourselves from what we dislike and choose again.

Bodies can be changed.
Feelings can be changed.
Thoughts can be changed.
Memories can be changed.

We can free ourselves of habits and addictions.
We can choose to become stronger and healthier.
We speak our truth and open our minds to learn more.
We can achieve what we want with practice and persistence.

We can when we believe we can.
Our imagination opens and allows us to conceive and achieve what we believe.
When we are determined, we never quit on ourselves.
We keep going until we arrive at our envisioned destination.

First envision.
Begin with one single step.
Erase the blocks that interfere.
Give yourself continuous encouragement.

Admire those who inspire you.
Believe in your heart’s desires.
Give your dreams your total intention.
Keep your faith and appreciate each step.

Loving you in fulfilling your desire,
Betty Lue