Sunday, July 02, 2017

Have You Learned?

I matter with my thoughts, words and activities.
My real reSource is my whole Self.
I trust myself to be and do what is mine to contribute.
I give myself to Love with Joy and Gratitude daily.

What Have You Learned?

Half year gone.
What have you learned?
183 days gone.
What have you done?

We all have time to be.
What are we choosing to be?
We all have time to do.
What are we actually doing?

I know that my life is on purpose.
Because I am happy and at peace.
I know I my life is working.
Because the people around me are healing and I am learning.

What is your life about?
Are you healing or forgiving an error?
What are you using your life for?
Are you helping others or yourself with what you do?

We are all here together.
We have something to heal and learn.
We provide opportunities to one another.
We offer teaching and inspiration for each other.

What are you teaching and learning?
Are you paying attention and doing your best?
What are you giving and receiving?
Are you giving your best and receiving what is good?

Wasting time is a waste of your valuable time.
Giving up with no attention to what is needed is a waste.
Doing nothing with your life energy and resources is harmful.
What we don’t do is just as impactful as what we do.

Is it time for you to be accountable for you time and your life?
Are you ready to take responsibility for what you do and don't do?
Can you imagine what you could be and do if it mattered to you?
Are you ready to step up and take a chance at making your life matter?

What really matters to you?
What do you really want?
How can you make a difference in your life?
What are you willing to do today, this month, this year?

I am here for you and with you…. Because I Love You.
Betty Lue