Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yin and Yang

Happy Father’s Day
“Time to celebrate what is creative, expressive, inspiring and free.”
“Time to provide and protect what is nurturing, helpful and good.”
Summer Solstice
“Time to live in the Light with Delight”
“ Time to see what is not wanted and let it go easily.”

“Let us balance our lives and be grateful in peace.”
“Let us create the good and nurture it with Love.”

Balance Receptivity and Creativity!

 is the feminine, negative, dark, cool, receptive, quiet and still.
Yang is defined as masculine, positive, light, warmth, creative and expressive.
When there is an imbalance, many symptoms show up.
It is good for all of us to learn to be mindful, to balance our energy excesses and deficiency.

When there is great light, there is more energy.  (Summer Solstice)
We can use this energy to create or destroy.
We can pacify too much energy with more receptivity.
This may be a time to let go of what is not good or healthy.

When there is a need for rest, we need to quiet ourselves and be receptive.
We can use this time to be still and listen within.
We can calm our thoughts and soothe our emotions with gentleness and slowing down.
It is essential to become aware of what we need to balance our energy and our life.

All of us can be overly excited, anxious and stimulated.
All of us can be lethargic, depressed and bored with life.
When every we have an imbalance, we can change our behavior, thoughts and emotions.
There is a call for the right energy at the right time to live within our own needs and desires.

Consider the possibility that what we have labeled as mental illness, may be balanced by choice.
Perhaps we have relied too much on drugs without considering simply lifestyle change.
Changing our mind can change our life energy.
Choosing our way of thinking and feeling can bring balance.

What do you know is out of balance?
Where do you see you have chosen too much of a feeling?
What do you do to get in touch with what your need?
How do you reclaim your own natural cycle of work and rest, play and service, creativity and receptivity

Consider what you can change to benefit you.
Commit to make your life energy more harmonious.
Choose and notice how it feels.
If not best for you, simply let go and choose again.

Are you listening, before you react?
Are you honoring those who provide for you?
Are you still learning, enjoying, creating, valuing?
Do you live daily with love and light in your thoughts, words and activities?

This is your time to balance all that is within you to give and do and be.
Loving you endlessly,
Betty Lue

First reveal and then you can heal!

Recognizing Yin and Yang
Signs of Yin Deficiency (excess of Yang energy)
Anxiety, hyperactivity, frustration, overly controlling, feeling burnt out, anger, aggressiveness, feeling overly competitive, feeling overwhelmed and agitated, overly confident, inability to relax, and overly critical and judgmental. When we cut ourselves off from the Yin/feminine energy we lose our ability to fluidly move and adapt to our circumstances, be receptive to others, and connect with our creative inspiration.  Instead of feeling peaceful and rested throughout our day, we become rigid, agitated and overextended.  There is a feeling of continually needing to keep moving and keep doing.

Signs of Yang Deficiency (excess of Yin energy)
Depression, stagnation, feeling overwhelmed, tired, listless, hopeless, confused, submissive, feeling weak and lifeless, feelings of jealousy, obsessive compulsive thoughts, lack of confidence, and feelings of low self esteem. When we cut ourselves off from our masculine energy, we have a hard time creating the experiences that we want in the world.  We lose sight of our goals, lose inspiration to create the things that we want for ourselves, and can slip into depression and hopelessness.  

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