Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Time to Play

I enjoy what I do with my time and energy resources.
I choose to do what creates more good in my life.
I make special time to be with those I love.
I balance my life with work and play, rest and creativity.

Summer Time Play

Throughout the year, we are called to find time to play.
When we look at balancing our life activities, we see a need for recreation.
Work and Play, Rest and Vision are key aspects of healthy living.
Everything in moderation and all things in balance for fulfillment.

When you look at your life, do you prioritize the time for enjoyment?
Some enjoy sports and competitive activities.
Some like reading and reflection as they take time off.
Some use their play time for creative activities and hobbies.

Balancing life is dependent on your age, family obligations and need to fulfill financial agreements.
It is essential that you evaluate the needs and current agreements for yourself and your dependents.
For some, what others call work is really very much creative, joyful, renewing and learning time.
Make an honest assessment of what is your need for play and relaxation.

What do you love to do?
What gives you joy and renewal?
Do you take time to relax and enjoy daily?
How do you like to spend your vacation time?

Remember that gratitude brings you enjoyment.
Enjoying life brings renewal.
Renewing your thoughts and feelings give energy.
Expanding energy creates positive possibilities.

Yes, it is worth it to have fun
Yes, it is healthy to play.
Yes, it is healing to take time.
Yes, you deserve to enjoy your life.

Play Safe.
Do what is healthy for you.
Play Fair.
Do what does no harm to others.

Play for Win-win.
Do what allows others to enjoy.
Play for Joy.
Do what creates laughter.

Play for Renewal.
Do what reenergizes your mind.
Play for Health.
Do what gives you new life.

You deserve recreational time.
Reminding you to love your whole Self well.
Betty Lue