Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Is Here!!

I love novelty and learning.
I enjoy the freedom and joy children bring.
I make myself happy with the changes I make.
I love creating happy possibilities for myself and others.

Summer Is Here

Temperatures in the 100’s.
Kids are out of school.
Lots of light time every AM and PM.
Time for vacations and fun.

What are you going to do?
Keep cool.
Do something new.
Take a trip or adventure somewhere.

We have two or more kids here every week.
  (Grandkids and friends 7-18 yrs old)
It is a time of novelty and shared experiences.
There is time for board games and fun.
Everyone needs a break from work, at home, school and job.

What you do is celebrate how good life is.
The more you share the good times, the better you feel.
The more you share the sad or scary times, the worse you feel.
So use your summer time together sharing what is awesome!

Make plans to go to the ocean, lake or creek somewhere.
Or if no transportation, have fun in the sprinkler or shower.
Find different kinds of rocks and see what colors show up in water.
Check out the variation of leaves and see how many you can discover.

Give yourself a new favorite name for the week or forever.
Write a short story and take pictures or make a movie your cell phone.
Mix and match clothes in crazy ways and enjoy experimenting.
Create a skit switching roles with adults and kids, boys and girls.

We all learn from one another, but we need to listen and observe.
Adults need to stop telling and start asking for kids ideas and advice.
Everyone can learn how to get along with no yelling or arguing.
Our relationship harmony and enjoyment are key to future success.

Summer can provide the best and most practical learning of all.
Having fun is essential to releasing stress.
Enjoying what you do is key to feeling grateful.
Changing your mind when you want better is key to creativity.

Summer is the opportunity to lose weight, gain a friend, learn a new language.
Summer is time to dream of your future, paint, draw, play some music, help someone.
Summer is your time, whether for one day or weekend or the whole summer breatk.
Summer need not be wasted in laziness and over sleeping or watching TV,

Use your time wisely and well.
Enjoying it always,
Betty Lue